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Autonomous Driving: The Impact of Vehicle Automation on Mobility Behaviour
Autonomous pub
Short description
The aim of this study is to evaluate how self-driving cars might impact people’s travel behaviour and mode choices until the year 2035, focusing particularly on three markets: Germany, the United States and China.
Project partner:

DLR Institute of Transport Research

Stefan Trommer
Viktoriya Kolarova
Eva Frädrich
Lars Kröger
Benjamin Kickhöfer
Dr. Tobias Kuhnimhof
Prof. Barbara Lenz

additional support by:

Tongji University, Department of Urban Planning
Stanford University, Center for Automotive Research
Inovaplan Gmbh
Publisher: ifmo, Munich December 2016  
Contact: Dr. Peter Phleps ifmo-Team

Study, PDF 1,73 MB (en)

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