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Transport Infrastructure Benchmarking Europe - Transport Infrastructure Endowment and Transport Policy in Selected European Countries
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Organizer: ifmo  
ifmo speaker: Dr. Irene Feige ifmo-Team
Studie: "Transport Infrastructure Benchmarking Europe" Publications
Short description
How do the other countries perform? What can they do better? And why do they do it differently?
Institutions, that successfully master competition, frequently pose those questions. A successfully approved and frequently applied method for answering those questions is benchmarking. The EU member states have in part very different ways of supplying transport infrastructure despite the increasing influence from Brussels.
Thus, differences in the performance of infrastructure are very likely. It is also good to look at those. The aim is to learn from the best. This is why the Institute for Mobility Research (ifmo) commissioned the Institute of Transport Economics at the University of Münster (IVM) and the KCW GmbH to conduct the study “Transport Infrastructure Benchmarking Europe”, which was finally presented at dbb forum berlin.

Agenda, PDF 275KB (de)

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